{bitmexr} gets a hex logo!

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Steps to create a simple hex logo using the {hexSticker} package.

Harry Fisher https://www.hfshr.xyz

Hex logos are ubiquitous with R packages, and I had been meaning to create one for my bitmexr package for a while. For one reason or another I never quite got round to it, but that changes today! I thought I’d note down the steps I took here for future reference.

A quick google of “how to create R hex logo” pointed me towards the hexSticker package, which I promptly installed and set to work. After having a look at some of the examples on https://github.com/GuangchuangYu/hexSticker, I opted for a really simple design (I was never much of an artist 😆) using the following code:


        s_width = 0.9,
        s_height = 0.9,
        h_fill = "#000000",
        h_color = "#f2a900",
        asp = 0.9,

The end result looks like this


Not particularly imaginative, but I’m happy with it as a first attempt!


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